Why Settle For Dull, Ordinary Walls?

Why Settle For Dull, Ordinary Walls?

Get professional Sheetrock installation services in Shreveport, LA

Do you want to create a unique look for a room in your home or office? You might be surprised at the difference a professional Sheetrock installation can make. Five Star Construction Drywall & Disposal installs textured drywall that will make your room stand out. You can choose from popular options like orange peel and knockdown and use rounded corners for an artistic style.

Our drywall installer can explain your options. Arrange for Sheetrock installation services in the Shreveport, LA area today.

We take care of the entire process

Sheetrock installation might seem simple, but it takes a trained hand to avoid problems like cracks and nail pops. You can depend on our drywall installer to do the job correctly. We will...

  • Measure your room to make sure you get the right fit
  • Tape your drywall to eliminate the possibility of visible seams
  • Float your drywall to create a smooth, even appearance
  • Use scaffolding to reach high ceilings
  • Texture your drywall and ceiling the way you want it

If you have old drywall or a popcorn ceiling that needs to be removed, we can provide a dumpster for disposal. Call 318-423-9883 for more information.